Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Glass paintings

* Some of the pictures used in these glass paintings are the copies taken from the net.


1. kitchen notepad

2. Decorated time piece

3. Mobile stand

4. Socks cloth flowers

5. Tissue flowers and Painted base

6. Kitchen decor

7. Wall decor

8. Painted bowl

9. woollen flowers

10.Decorated mud pots

Monday, September 6, 2010

11.Decorated vine glass

12. Painted vine bottles

13. Stitching on seives

14. Decorated book case

Materials used: An empty cardboard case, gluegun and glue sticks, self adhesive papers, paints, glass liners

15. Pen Holder

Materials Used: Empty tin, news paper rolls, black paint, glitter glue, glue

16. Dough flower wall decor

Materials used : Self hardening dough, oil colours, skewer sticks, base board, glue

17. Pearl Bush

Materials used: Red pearls, Golden floral wires, A base

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